Getting financial fundamentals right with Melissa Browne

Melissa Browne is an ex-accountant, ex-financial advisor, best-selling author and now financial educator. She has built & run three seven figure businesses in three different industries (the accounting firm A&TA, a preschool Thinkersinq and online education company Melissa and in 2019 sold her accounting firm to an ASX listed company.

Getting financial fundamentals right | Melissa Browne

I had the pleasure to talk to the amazing financial expert, Melissa Browne. In this session, Melissa covered: 

  • How to manage your cash flow and finances
  • The financial implications of different business structures
  • Common mistakes made by small business  
  • How to find and date accountants until you find a good fit.

Missed this insightful session with Melissa Browne? Watch Melissa’s financial fundamentals session HERE.

Download Mel’s pricing tool HERE

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