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How to improve your online digital presence to increase both your online and instore sales! Join my Ecommerce Growth Course

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You’ve moved your retail business online… now what? growth!

To say 2020 was a harsh teacher for retailers and hospitality owners would be an understatement. 

Many of you were forced online as physical stores closed. 

That’s when the overwhelm started. 

You set up a website. (Awesome first step). 

But now you need to deal with SEO (Why do those 3 letters seem so confusing?). 

You had to think of new ways to attract customers (where do they even hang out online? Where should I focus my energy?). 

You have had to deal with all of the craziness that is the ever changing regulations for Facebook and Google advertising. 

And all of the help that was out there seemed way too confusing or was only half answers as agencies tried to bid for your business. 

That’s why I’ve created my Digital Growth Course.


I want to give you the power to take control of your digital presence with my Ecommerce Growth Course. 

You’ll finally know the answer of why SEO even matters, and know exactly how to implement it in a way that is stress-free and simple. 

And you’ll learn even more about how to curate a kickass digital marketing strategy for your business.

Or better yet, if you don’t have the time to do everything yourself (let’s face it your energy can probably be used doing something more hands on in your business) then you know exactly how much work is required and can go into conversations with agencies or contractors knowing exactly how much work they will be providing you with. 

How awesome would it feel to never be ripped off again because you are the expert? 

The best part? Instead of having to slave away for months trying to perfect these skills it will only take you 6 weeks as we’ll be working on things that you will be able to implement immediately and that will directly affect the profitability of your business. 

We've Just Started our March Course

ARE YOU READY To reach your 2021 revenue goals?

Kelly, how can you guarantee that these strategies will work for me?

Because I know what will happen if you don’t take control of this situation.

You’ll continue to be overwhelmed and stressed beyond belief when trying to plan the digital growth for your business in 2021.

No doubt you’ll continue spending money on ads that aren’t converting and you’ll put yourself under more financial stress.

And sadly rely solely on trade in your physical stores or barely scrape enough to cover monthly costs for your online store.

Even though your passion for your business is strong you’ll start wondering if it’s all worth it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Because digital marketing can be super simple.

You just need to know what you’re doing.

I have shown countless businesses how to get up and running online and absolutely kill it in their market. 

If you still aren’t convinced that this is right Ecommerce Growth Course for you, these are the people that benefit most from this course: 

If you ticked more than 2 of the above CONGRATULATIONS. You are the perfect candidate for my Digital Growth course!


To see exactly the kind of results you can expect, here are a few words from some of my current clients!

what will guarantee my success?

What are the skills you need to know to have a kickass online business? 

I have broken my years of experience down into 6 key frameworks.  This Ecommerce Growth Course will cover all aspects of your business and leave you with a fully fledged digital marketing plan that you understand and is tailored for the specific growth goals of your business. 

1. Master Your Customer
Here we’ll be taking a deep dive on who your customer really is and figuring out exactly how to best target them online. Are they more of an Instagram crowd, a Pinterest crowd or are they on LinkedIn? Wherever they are we’ll find them so that you know where to focus the bulk of your business interactions. The best part? This will drastically reduce your customer acquisition costs.
2. Build Your Winning Platform
Does all of that backend stuff absolutely do your head in? Don’t worry that’s where my genius steps in. We’ll be making sure you have the right tech in place to support your goals so you aren’t trying to build things on the fly, or paying huge amounts for someone’s priority rate.
3. Get On The Front Page of Google
Do you remember how people used to pick up the phone book and businesses would pay top dollar for being in the top few spots? Well Google has well and truly replaced the phonebook, but the awesome thing is, if you know your market and have a great website you don’t have to pay to be at the top. I’ll show you everything you need to know to make Google work for you and act as your new storefront. 
4. Turbo Charge Your SEO
Yes we will be tackling the 3 letters everyone I have spoken to seems to hate. I promise SEO isn’t anywhere near as complicated as other “gurus” make it seem. By nailing this skill we will not only be increasing your traffic but also your conversions and revenue.
5. Engage with Email and Social Media
You are going to learn what content and call to action will build loyalty and trust with your customers and encourage them to buy more. This doesn’t have to be a painful process and once you understand how best to work a platform you’ll be able to build organic content that converts. Yep, that means absolutely no additional acquisition cost. 
6. Create Campaigns that Convert
We will be learning how to build successful advertising campaigns, which means getting the right creative seen by the right people, and getting your costs down as low as possible. 

6 skills, in 6 weeks. Sounds easy right?

In addition we have a final session where we do up a summary of your digital strategy so that you are set to go off and nail your digital marketing and sales in 2021!

Are you are sick of struggling to convert sales online? and not knowing what to do to improve, then learning these skills is imperative to your success. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For the Digital Growth Course we recommend a minimum commitment of 3-4 hours (including the weekly call).
This equals out to less than 30 minutes a day to implement. When you think about it this way it seems rather easy. 

But you have to realise it is a choice.

You can choose to commit to growing your online presence, or you can choose to commit to finishing the new docu series on netflix. 

If you are worried that taking these 4 hours out of running your business I want you to remember this. 

A business cannot outgrow its owner. So if you aren’t investing time into growing your skillsets and your knowledge eventually your business with stay stagnant, so even if you only apply some of the skills you learn immediately, the other skills with be there when you are ready to scale, so you aren’t taking the time when your business needs you the most.

The cost of the program is $1500, which is a lot of money right?

I want you to think about this;

How much money are you currently converting from online sales? 

What if you could double that conversion rate or even triple it? 

I’m not guaranteeing you will get these results but I am saying it is possible. If you want some examples I encourage you to watch the testimonials up above. 

Mastering your digital marketing can create immediate increases in your revenue, in fact I would be surprised if you hadn’t already paid off that $1500 before the 6 weeks of the program was up. 

The other thing I want you to consider is how much it could cost you not to join the program.

What if you just wait for another 3 months, not getting the results you want. 

How much is that time worth to you? 

It’s not just your revenue that you’ll be losing but the cost of your time as well.

So is the 3 months worth of revenue and all of your time spent wondering if something will work worth less than $1500? 

If you finish the course and decide it wasn’t worth it, I’ll give you your money back and shout you the cost of a coffee!

This is a small group program with  a weekly live call to answer questions, teach content, and work with you on a specific plan for your business. 

The group format allows people to learn from others and not just Kelly as well as provide the support and general feedback for each other outside of the program. 

To make this program as accessible as possible it is run online via video calls, this also allows for recordings to be made if people aren’t able to jump on live at the time, as we understand life can be stressful and unpredictable at the best of times, let alone when a pandemic is still going on. 

Even if you have already outsourced you website to someone else it’s still good to have a basic understanding of digital marketing and your digital growth. 

I have met many retailers who trust in their team or their agencies only to find out they’ve been charged way too much for work that takes less than a couple of hours a week.

There is also more to digital marketing than just your website and SEO. As mentioned above nailing your messaging and reaching your customers where they are so that you can run successful advertising campaigns is just as important as having a high ranking website. 

If no one knows the website exists how can they ever find you? 

This course will help you see the whole picture and really regain control of your digital growth.  

That’s awesome that you already understand the importance of growing your business online! 

The difference with this course is I have pulled out all the stuff your truly need to know in a way that is useful specifically for retailers. I have been working in this space for 20 years now and I don’t want you to spend the same amount of time learning and making mistakes that I did. 

I’ve made them all for you so I can show you what works. I also want to make the digital space as retailer friendly as possible. So I don’t use fancy lingo to try and scare you off. 

By the end of this program you will have a real understanding of the work that goes behind leveraging a successful online brand so that you feel confident to do it yourself or don’t get taken for a ride when outsourcing to freelancers or agencies. 

This course is designed to give you back the power, rather than just throw words at you and hope something sticks.


Since you will be working with me (on group calls) to directly impact the results of your business I need to know that you are committed to getting results from the Ecommerce Growth Course. 

Anytime you work with a coach or a mentor even though they can share amazing methods that will help you see success if you don’t implement them then you won’t see the success. 

The same applies here as well, I can tell you how to kill it in the online space but if you hesitate or aren’t willing to implement these strategies RIGHT NOW, then you will not see results. 

If you are committed to your success and growth in the next 6 weeks then it’s pretty easy to get started. 

Start Date: March 16th 2021

Investment: AUD $1500 

Length: 6 weeks

 If you are ready to feel confident and in control instead of stressed and overwhelmed when it comes to your digital marketing and online presence then I encourage you to book a call.

Don’t let 2021 be a repeat of 2020, you know where you promise yourself that things will be different, but under the stress of actually running a business nothing gets done.
Let me be your Digital Marketing Manager and guide as we work through each step of the Ecommerce Growth Course together and leave your business digitally transformed in just 6 weeks. 


If we haven’t met before…

Hi! I’m Kelly Slessor. 

I’m an Ecommerce and digital marketing expert with more than 20 years experience across retail and other industries.
Throughout my career I have helped 100s of retailers increase their online presence and grow their revenue as a result.

Growing retailers online presence is my passion and now I am on a mission to use my skills to help as many small and medium retailers grow their businesses as the world moves into an ever increasingly digital landscape. 

My main aim is to make this transition as smooth as possible as many people try to over complicate this process. 

While there are definitely some new skills that you need to pick up, you don’t need to spend 20 years mastering these skills like I did. 

Even though we will be focusing on your online presence this doesn’t mean we lose the humanity in your business. 

I believe that personalisation and customer experience is at the heart of retail and adjusting this so that it works in a digital context is a special skill of mine.

I would love to help you grow your retail business in 2021. Would you like to come on this journey with me? 

Kelly Slessor Family